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Jim Barentine’s 31 Model A Ford Using a Powerline Speed frame

In the beginning...an ugly duckling

BODY: 1931 slant window 4dr town sedan with a

        2” chop. Approximately 12” was removed

        from the body length by sectioning rear

        doors with the quarter windows. The

         front doors were lengthened 4” or

         approximately the length of a 31 Victoria




         A 63 Plymouth trunk lid was used to fill the area over the windshield and the roof from the 63 was used to fill the

        remaining area of the top. A flat firewall was welded to the cowl panels leaving only the top hood shelf. Rear wheel

        wells were hand built using a pneumatic shrinker-stretcher. 47 Chevy tail lights were frenched vertically to the

        rear corners. A frenched license plate mount was also installed.                          




ENGINE: 1957 Desoto Firedome hemi bored .040   Intake was hand built by Jim and finish welding done by Bobby.


TRANSMISSION: Mopar 518 built by Eddie Hillman  Pensacola Florida

REAREND: Mopar 8.75 A-body Ladder bars built at Powerline Speed by Bobby

WHEELS: Weld with spinners and centers painted matching engine color.

This flyer from PRC came in the goody bag handed out at Texas Motor Speedway Goodguys Lonestar Nationals. The radiator was custom made for the 31 Ford by PRC