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Pictured is Bobby TIG welding a custom hand built 3 duece intake for a 1957 341ci Desoto Hemi.

Due to lack of availability of intakes for the Desoto Hemi, Bobby was commissioned to build a one off intake for the engine.


From pot metal to aluminum to stainless Powerline can  handle any of your custom welding needs

Disaster in the Gulf Support  Vessels of Opportunity



During the summer 2010 hotrodding at Powerline Speed has been forced to take a back seat to maintenance requirements of the VOO. Normal wear and tear, voluntary maintenance and Coast Guard mandated repairs from surprise inspections have kept Bobby busy welding on the numerous boats in the VOO program. Aluminum hulled boats require Bobby’s expertise to repair the defects. The Sherman Cove Marina at NAS Pensacola was closed to recreational boating and used as a staging area for the boats of the VOO. Powerline Speed’s close proximity to the Naval Air Station made Bobby a logical and economical choice for repairs requiring TIG welding.